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Gallery and Inspiration

Here are a few photos to give you an idea of the kind of installations of Automower® we complete ( you can do it yourself, but why bother when we can do it for to you ! ).

The photos below show an installation of a Husqvarna Automower®  on a smaller lawn – there were no problems mowing round the tree in the middle or working around the greenhouse and paths. This was a real pleasure ti install as it gave the customer back some independence.

The Honda Miimo below is installed in one of our demo areas. We tested what this robot mower can do by setting up a really complicated garden outline with a “H” island. The H was originally for “Hughie Willett Machinery”, but as it is a Honda Miimo doing the work – it could also be for “Honda”. After seeing what we can do when our team install these automowers one of our customers will be using us to install  automowers to cut the “H” into his lawn for the helipad where he lands his helicopter !

The photos below show a garden with lots or ornamental, shaped beds ( Before Photos). We installed this Automower® – there was absolutely no problem following the contours of the beds or avoiding any garden features in the middle of the lawn areas.

The photos below show the garden about 2 weeks later ( After Photos ) – the grass is cut evenly all over, and the lawn looks better over all. There are no obvious grass clippings either ( the customer did not collect them as the grass was cut at the start, just let them gradually reduce as the Automower® took control of the cutting ).

The photos below show another Automower® installation we completed where the garden was spread over different levels – we also installed the perimeter wire so the Automower® could go underneath the hedge and mow the garden the other side of the yew hedge.

The Automower® installation below has 1 Automower® on the front of the house and another on the back. The Automower® on the front cuts all of the grass you can see as well as the island in the middle of the driveway ( You can see in one photo the perimeter wires go across the tarmac drive – customers make their own channels in preparation for install), and all around the trees. The Automower® on the back garden is cutting a lawn about of about 1 acre.

The photos below show a complicated install where the Automower® cuts the grass on many different areas of grass, travelling between the areas over a variety of different surfaces ( work had to be done by the customer to stabilise the gravel through ).

The Automower® installation below is on a more formal garden, the video shows what the 450X can do.

FAQ About Robot Mowers / Husqvarna Automower®

On this page you can find help with many of the common questions we are asked about Husqvarna Automower® and Robot Mowers. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for – give our helpful team a call on 0121 308 1262.

Will the operation of my Robot Mower be time consuming?

No – Once an Robot Mower is installed it is incredibly simple to operate. They will work continuously and effectively with very little input required from their new owner. The installation is the tricky part – doing the installation correctly to meet the requirements of your lawn so you get the maximum benefit from the Robot Mower. The Robot Mower will work while you are away from the home and you can control it via a smartphone app, providing your model of mower has GPS functionality.


How easy is it to use?

They are very simple to use and operate. Robot Mowers are extremely light, weighing between 7 and 14kg. The mowers also come with a simple control panel to set your cutting heights and time settings exactly how you wish.


How much noise do they make?

Very little. Sound levels range from 58dD(A) up to 69 dB(A). General lawnmowers can produce anything from 95 to 100 db(A) so with this in mind they’re extremely quiet – you will barely know they are working.


Do they have any effects on the environment?

Robot Mowers are battery powered, cordless machines. They produce zero emissions and have a low level of energy consumption too. Running costs, per season, can range from £8 to £42 depending on the size of the lawn ( based on 2018 prices ).


How do I install a Robot Mower?

We are compiling an easy to follow, step-by-step guide for your assistance. While the process is undoubtedly the most important process you will go through after buying the mower, with our help – installing it will be very easy. Depending on your lawn size and shape, installation can take anything from 2 to 5 hours to make sure you have everything perfect. We  offer an installation service, please contact us for a quote.


How does it start and stop?

It is quite literally as simple as pressing START & STOP – or using the app on your phone ( if your model of mower is compatible ).


How deep does the wire need to be into the ground?

It doesn’t. The wire can be laid flat to the ground using the pegs supplied with your installation kit. The grass on your lawn wire will then be grow over the wire within a few weeks and the wire will gradually disappear from view. If you cut the grass as short as possible with your standard lawnmower, prior to installing your Robot Mower, you will then be able to get the wire as close as possible to the ground. If you want to bury the wire then a suggested depth is 3 to 10 cm, no deeper than that.


What if I forget my PIN code?

Your dealer (that’s where we come in) will help retrieve your pin code.


What is the largest operating area?

Robot Mowers can handle lawns up to 5000 m² +/- 20%, depending on the model, shape and complexity of the lawn.


Do I still need a standard lawnmower?

No. Make sure to cut your grass down to a length below 10cm prior to installing your Robot Mower and providing you keep your grass short, you will never need another mower again. In some cases the Robot Mower will not be able to get to the very edge of your lawn, or into corners – so this is where you may need a light strimmer to do the occasional bit of tidying up.


What if my lawn is larger than 5000 m²?

If you want to cut an area larger than 5000 m² then at the moment, the best option is to buy and install more than one Robot Mower. There is no limit to how many Robot Mowers you can have installed, as they work independently of each other.


What if my garden is really small?

You can still use a Robot Mower you would just need to go for a smaller model with a smaller capacity and simply adjust the mowing time to suit your garden.


Does it work on all garden types?

Yes, but in the instance of your garden having islands of lawn, you will need to manually move your mower from each island. We have one customer who uses an Automower® to mow the grass on the island in his lake,


What if my lawn is uneven?

Husqvarna Automower® has been designed to cope with uneven surfaces and slopes. It is fitted with large driving wheels which cope with uneven surfaces brilliantly. We have proven this with some very heavy duty installations ! Depending on your model, the Automower® can handles slopes up to 45% (24°) incline. If your lawn contains small deep holes, this may cause your robotic mower to get stuck. A plus however, is that your mower is small enough to follow the curves of a rough lawn and won’t scalp the “tops” like standard mowers sometimes can.


Will it manage to work down tight passages?

Yes. It can handle narrow passages down to 60 cm in width, again, depending on your model.


What if I have loose items on my lawn ( eg toys and golf balls ) ?

Husqvarna Automower® can avoid certain obstacles but items such as toys and tools can sometimes be missed by the Automower® systems, and the mower will drive over the obstacles. Many of the models are designed with a rider plate underneath to minimise any damage to obstacles on the lawn, but it is up to you to keep the lawn surface free from objects, so make sure your lawn is free of any small objects prior to the Automower® cutting the grass.


Can I protect my trees and flower beds?

Yes. This is where your precise installation of guide wire comes in. Providing you have watched the installation video and created islands of perimeter wire around your trees and flower beds, the Robot Mowers will navigate around them and they will be protected.


Can it handle very long grass?

As long as your grass is no longer than 10cm in length, which is fairly wild, you can adjust your cutting blades as necessary. In the event your grass is over 10cm in length, you will need to use a conventional lawnmower.


How can it handle moss?

The machine can actually, over time and constant trimming, help to reduce moss in your lawn.


Will the Robot Mowers mow in the rain ?

Yes. The Robot Mower has been designed for use in the rain and can handle wet weather conditions. In the event of extreme weather conditions, it would be advised to bring your mower inside to maintain a high level of performance in the long run.


What about warm weather conditions?

Providing the weather is not warmer than 45ºC, the Robot Mowers can work perfectly fine. The mow and charge times with be affected in warm weather conditions and you will start to notice this at temperatures around 25ºC and above. The area performance will remain unchanged and models using Li-Ion batteries work fine no matter what the temperature.


Can it work at two different locations?

Providing you install another installation kit at the second venue, the Husqvarna Automower® will work fine at both locations. It is easy to associate the Automower® with its charging station each time it is moved.


Why does it mow a random pattern?

By mowing in a seemingly random pattern, in various directions, the Automower® creates a carpet-like lawn, throughout your garden. In over 20 years of development it has also proven to be the most reliable way to cover the whole lawn, leaving no uncut grass. The reliability and precision of current affordable GPS technologies necessary for systematic mowing is not sufficient to offer an improvement over a loop wire and random based system.


Is it safe around children and pets?

Regardless of the safety features on the mower, it is never advised to allow children to play on the lawn while using the mower.


What safety features does it have?

Several theft protection systems are included. These include a personal PIN code, an alarm which requires the PIN code to be entered when the lawnmower stops and a GPS communication unit, which includes a GPS tracker available as accessory for most models.


Where can I get service and spare parts?

We can supply you with both of these things and stock a great selection of accessories online.


How long do the blades last?

Again this is hard to say, as it all depends on the type of soil ,grass and terrain in your garden. As a rule, the life of the blades is 1 to 2 months when used over 1000 m². Spare blades are very easy ( available from us ) to buy and fit.


Can I leave the mower outside, all-year-round?

No, it is recommended you move the mower inside when you are into the rainy, winter months in order to maintain your mower. Clean the mower before putting it away and you will have a well maintained machine when the spring and summer months come back around. Put your charging station inside during the winter also. The wire system is fine to be left in place all-year-round. We advise you have your  Husqvarna Automower® serviced annually – contact us for details.


How do I maintain my Robot Mower ?

You should replace blades regularly and depending on your lawn size, spend a some time cleaning grass from the wheels and chassis. All other maintenance will be done by your dealer on your annual service.

Husqvarna Automower® Connect App FAQ:

What is the monthly data consumption on the SIM card in the mower?

Around 25 MB per month when in use.


Can I see the remaining balance on the prepaid SIM in the mower?

No, you will have to consult your data provider for this information.


What if I forget the log-in details for my Automower® Connect App ?

You can use the reset password function at the login screen.


How do I change the password on Husqvarna Autmower Connect ?

Go to your Account settings menu on the app.


Can I change the email address I use for login on Automower Connect App ?

No, you will have to create a new account using the new email address. All mowers will need to be paired again to the new account.


Can I change my mower PIN code on the app?

No. You can change it however on the Automower® itself.


What does the “Unpair mower” command do?

This will remove the pairing between your account and the mower. All other accounts that are paired to the mower still have full access.


How do I remove the pairing for all accounts?

Via the mower menu.


Why does my mower stop for around ten seconds after I have changed a setting from the app?

This is typical of the mower when a setting is changed. It will start back up very quickly.