Ambrogio Robot Mowers

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All details below are from Ambrogio UK – for discounts, special offers and installation costs please go to our main website : or contact us on 0121 308 1262.

Contact Hughie Willett Machinery Ltd on 0121 308 1262 – to buy your Ambrogio Robot Mower.

Ambrogio L60 DELUXE UK Robot Mower

Drop & Mow; No Install Needed

Area: Up To 200m2
Avg. Working Time: 2 Hrs
Max Slope:50%

Ambrogio L30B UK Robot Mower

Ideal For Smaller & Complex Lawns

Area: Up To 600m2
Avg. Working Time: 50 Mins
Max Slope:45%

undefinedAmbrogio Twenty Deluxe
Compact & Discreet

Area: < 700m2
Mowing Time: 2 Hrs
Max Slope:45%

undefinedAmbrogio Twenty Elite
Compact & Discreet

Area: < 1000m2
Mowing Time: 2 Hrs
Max Slope:45%
Ambrogio L30 ELITE Robot Mower

Compact & Manoeuvrable

Area: Up To 1100m2
Avg. Working Time: 2.5 Hrs
Max Slope: 45%

Ambrogio L35 DELUXE Robot Mower

Small But Mighty

Area:Up To 1800m2
Avg. Working Time:2.5 Hrs
Max Slope:45%

Ambrogio L250I ELITE Robot Mower
Smarter Than Ever Before

Area:Up To 3200m2
Avg. Working Time: 3.5 Hrs
Max Slope:45%

Ambrogio L250I ELITE S+
 Robot Mower

GPS Enhanced Navigation

Area:Up To 5000m2
Avg. Working Time:7 Hours
Max Slope:45%

Ambrogio L350I ELITE
 Robot Mower

For The Largest Lawns

Area:Up To 7000m2
Avg. Working Time:7 Hrs
Max Slope:45%

undefinedAmbrogio 4.0B Premium Robot Mower
Built Tough
Area: < 2200m2
Mowing Time: 4 Hrs
Max Slope: 45%
undefinedAmbrogio 4.0 Elite Premium Robot Mower
6 Year Warranty

Area:< 3500m2
Mowing Time:3 3/4 Hrs
Max Slope:45%

undefinedAmbrogio 4.36 ELITE
Robot Mower
Large Platform Mowing

Area:< 6000m2
Mowing Time:4 Hrs
Max Slope:45%

Ambrogio L400 RANGE

Robot Mower

For Areas Up To 7.5 Acres

Area:< 30000m2
Avg. Working Time:6-11 Hrs
Max Slope:45%