Gallery and Inspiration

Here are a few photos to give you an idea of the kind of installations of Automower® we complete ( you can do it yourself, but why bother when we can do it for to you ! ).

The photos below show an installation of a Husqvarna Automower®  on a smaller lawn – there were no problems mowing round the tree in the middle or working around the greenhouse and paths. This was a real pleasure ti install as it gave the customer back some independence.

The Honda Miimo below is installed in one of our demo areas. We tested what this robot mower can do by setting up a really complicated garden outline with a “H” island. The H was originally for “Hughie Willett Machinery”, but as it is a Honda Miimo doing the work – it could also be for “Honda”. After seeing what we can do when our team install these automowers one of our customers will be using us to install  automowers to cut the “H” into his lawn for the helipad where he lands his helicopter !

The photos below show a garden with lots or ornamental, shaped beds ( Before Photos). We installed this Automower® – there was absolutely no problem following the contours of the beds or avoiding any garden features in the middle of the lawn areas.

The photos below show the garden about 2 weeks later ( After Photos ) – the grass is cut evenly all over, and the lawn looks better over all. There are no obvious grass clippings either ( the customer did not collect them as the grass was cut at the start, just let them gradually reduce as the Automower® took control of the cutting ).

The photos below show another Automower® installation we completed where the garden was spread over different levels – we also installed the perimeter wire so the Automower® could go underneath the hedge and mow the garden the other side of the yew hedge.

The Automower® installation below has 1 Automower® on the front of the house and another on the back. The Automower® on the front cuts all of the grass you can see as well as the island in the middle of the driveway ( You can see in one photo the perimeter wires go across the tarmac drive – customers make their own channels in preparation for install), and all around the trees. The Automower® on the back garden is cutting a lawn about of about 1 acre.

The photos below show a complicated install where the Automower® cuts the grass on many different areas of grass, travelling between the areas over a variety of different surfaces ( work had to be done by the customer to stabilise the gravel through ).

The Automower® installation below is on a more formal garden, the video shows what the 450X can do.

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