Welcome to Robotmowers.uk.com – a subsidiary of Hughie Willett Machinery Ltd. We are based on a beautiful, spacious rural site which is very easy to access from main roads. With loads of free parking, plenty of space for demonstrations, and machines actively working – we have everything our customers need in one place.

Our main website can be found at www.hughiewillett.co.uk.  Our aim is to show you how marvellous automowers and robotic lawnmowers are, and so we created we their own dedicated website – right here.

If you would like to find out more about us ( Hughie Willett Machinery Ltd )  – please visit our main website at www.hughiewillett.co.uk. The aim of this site is to provide you with as much information as possible – about automowers,  robotic mowers, and our services.

The future of grass cutting is changing, and as one of the UK’s best and most reputable installers of Automowers and Robotic Lawnmowers  in Central England, along with being established Authorised Agents for Husqvarna, Honda, Viking, Ambrogia and many other brands who sell robotic mowers – who better to give you the advice you need, before investing in such modern technology.

Whatever your query, get in touch – call us on 0121 308 1262 or email us – we would love to help.