03. Benefits of Buying a Husqvarna Automower

  • No Grass Cuttings – as the mower cuts every day
  • No Time spent mowing – as the mower cuts the grass without human intervention
  • No petrol / diesel fuel is needed – so no trips to the petrol station before trying to cut your lawn.
  • very low servicing costs
  • very easy to program ( either on the machine or by phone through the Autmower Connect App )
  • very easy to store and very little storage space is required compared to a traditional lawn mower
  • unobtrusive – very very low noise, and no inconvenience.
  • durable and robust – the automowers are built to last a minimum of 10 years
  • cheap to run – using very little electricity for recharging throughout the year.
  • Husqvarna Automowers are one of the most advanced robotic lawnmowers on the market – and voted ” Best Automower” in 2018.
  • The automower perimeter wire system is easy to change or extend – should you change the shape or layout of your garden.
  • The automowers are secure – different models have different features including onboard alarms, GPS, and automower tracking through the Husqvarna Connect App.
  • easy to install, their system makes it very easy to cope with intricate gardens, garden ornaments, beds, statues, etc.
  • The Husqvarna Automower is not affected by other systems and is built to stringent EU standards regarding electronic signals and radio wave frequencies.
  • The Husqvarna automower helps control problems with moss in lawns.
  • The Husqvarna automowers help control broad leaved weeds in grass by cutting off the food production part of the plant,  before it forms a seed head – effectively killing the weed and reducing the spread of the weed through seed dispersal.
  • Automowers allows older customers to continue enjoying their garden when they get to a point where it is difficult for them to maintain it themselves.
  • Automowers cut the grass when you are not there – giving the impression to outsiders looking in that residents are home and mowing their garden regularly.
  • Automowers can allow people with disabilities to maintain their independance and dignity – they can still have their garden cut to a top standard at their discretion.
  • For people who travel alot or who have very little spare time – there is no need to employ a gardener as they have complete control of the grass cutting from any country in the world using a Husqvarna Automower.
  • If you have a gardener, then having an automower allows your gardener more time to do the work that involves their real skills ( planting and maintaining gardens) rather than just cutting the grass.

There are so many benefits to robotic mowers and Autmowers, that we are literally at the point now where the discussion is more about what possible argument is there to go for a traditional type of ride on mower or pedestrian mower when automowers are so good.

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