09. Can I Install My Automower or Robot Mower

The short answer is yes – but it is painstaking. You can install it yourself by pegging it out by hand ( laying the cable on the surface of the lawn and manually hammering pegs close together to hold the cable down ) or using a garden tool like a “half moon” to cut open your lawn, and then bury the cable, a few inches at a time by hand. Manufacturers no longer recommend installing your automower or robotic lawnmower yourself as often it leads to many problems during the installation and afterwards – problems which our teams are trained to avoid.

The installation was the one thing that puts everyone off buying an automower or robot mower, and this is the reason why we offer this service with our inhouse installation teams. The price of installation may vary depending on the complexity of your lawn, for this reason please contact our team for the cost of installation on 0121 308 1262.

We are trained in completing automower and robotic mower installations, we have a foolproof proven method of installation and use industry leading cable laying machines to bury the cable with.


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