Installation Service for Robotic Lawnmowers and Automower

We have a thorough process for installing robotic lawnmowers and Husqvarna Automower.

We will survey your garden – and discuss with you what area you need to mow, and how much of that we can achieve using a robotic lawnmower.

We will give you an estimate of what the install will cost – giving you the details of what materials will be needed.

We will complete the installation of the base station, perimeter wire, guide wires and robot mower. We will program the robot mower / Automower to suit your requirements, connect if with the Husqvarna Connect App on your phone ( if the robot mower model is suitable ) and teach you how to use it.

We will give you 2 weeks of remote monitoring and our comprehensive snagging service, following the installation – should you need any help.

There is no need to make this any more difficult than it is – we are here to make this a simple, straightforward ,easy and really enjoyable experience.

From what our customer have already told us – once you have your robot mower / Automower installed – you will never look back !