What Are Robot Mowers / Automower ?

A Robot mower or Automower is an automated lawn mower that does the grass cutting on your lawn for you.

The Automower and robot mowers are normally a wheeled body, with an onboard battery, wheel motors and control centre, all of which is contained in a weatherproof outer body. They can often be remotely controlled.

These Automower and robotic mowers cut the grass within a set boundary. They mow the grass by themselves. They can normally recharge themselves when required. All this is done without human intervention.

This is not new technology and has been around for a long time now – but Husqvarna have created an extremely effective, efficient, robust and reliable Automower – which also happens to look extremely good.

Now you can achieve a 100% perfect lawn with 0% effort. Husqvarna invented the first robot Automower ( which can been seen in the Husqvarna Museum, in Huskvarna, Sweden – have a look at their site, it gives you an insight into the incredible heritage of Husqvarna ), and they are the  leading manufacturers of robotic lawnmowers, Husqvarna, have now produced over a million Automower and have a state of the art production site in the UK to meet increased demand.